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Smithton, Pennsylvania was incorporated in 1901. It is a borough nestled in the Youghiogheny Valley, Westmoreland County of the Laurel Highlands and has a population of around 385.

Smithton's early industry included coke ovens and shipping products on the Youghiogheny River. Stoney's Beer was brewed by Jones Brewing Company from 1907 - 2002 and employed many of the local residents.

Nearby points of interest include the Great Allegheny Passage river trail, Youghiogheny River, Cedarbrook Golf Course, and the site of the Darr Mine Disaster, the worst mine disaster in PA's history with 239 mine workers perishing in 1907. It is also noteworthy that Smithton was home to actress Shirley Jones, daughter of the Jones Brewing Company owners. (Smith,1950).

Governed by a Mayor and a 7-member Borough Council, the council speaks for the community to the outside world. Smithton provides important community services, such as maintenance of streets and health and safety to protect citizens. Its role includes ultimate responsibility for public safety, including police, firefighting and emergency management



Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm 

Council meets at the Smithton Borough building

located at 615 Center Street, Smithton, PA

Christine Tutena, Mayor

Fred Foster, Council President

Kevin Regotti, Council Vice-President

Dan Barthels, Council Member

​Mike DeSimone, Council Member

Karen Primm, Council Member

Eileen Vidale, Council Member

Ed Smith, Council Member